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Lee Godown, Founder and President, Alpex International in Washington, D.C.

Lee Godown, President and Founder

Lee Godown is a public policy executive with deep roots in Washington, D.C. and other world capitals. He has a record of progressive leadership for companies facing change, opportunity and crisis. Godown is a strategist and tactician with an appreciation for business performance, a reputation for ingenuity, diplomacy, and the ability to navigate complexity. He guides global companies through high-stakes transactions as well as legislative and regulatory inquiries. Lee has worked for the US government and in the private sector around the world for over four decades.

Career Highlights and Affiliations

  • 25-Year Career in U.S. Federal Government
  • Consultant to Fortune 10 Corporations for Over a Decade
  • Global Vice President for Fortune 7 Corporation
  • Published Author
  • Political Campaign Manager
  • Adjunct Professor of Business, George Mason University
  • German American Business Council
  • The Economic Club of Washington, DC


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